Is a luxury womenswear brand designed by Daniella Batlle that promotes female empowerment through irreverently sophisticated and truly feminine garments, full of color and life.

The designer always seeks to design fluid silhouettes, with lots of movement, in 100% natural fabrics such as silk and cotton. The most characteristic differential of the brand has always been the uniqueness of our prints, which we develop exclusively for the brand.products, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

Femininity Art Hand stitch
Sensuality Tropical & Latin Women empowerment
Sophistication Artisans Extravagant and Distinctive
Resortwear 100% Silk & Cotton Folklore
Glamorous Fluid & Fresh Timeless & Long Life
Inhouse Prints Special Occasions Local talent


Seen from the framework of sustainability Daniella Batlle manufactures garments designed to last for many years in our closet. Our pieces are mainly fabricated in silk (90%), a material that seeks to reduce the environmental impact and waste of resources.

The printing of the fabrics does not use water as it is digital, and once the garments complete their cycle of use, they can be incinerated without leaving a trace of waste. Also, the brand uses scraps of fabric waste to develop jewelry & accessories, in order to use most of it.


    We design clothes that promote female empowerment through irreverently sophisticated and truly feminine garments, full of color and life that transform the daily life of women and fill it with magic.


    We pride ourselves on the uniqueness of our pieces and our prints; meticulously designed in collaboration with Colombian artists


    We are constantly looking for new challenges, projects and collaborations with industry players and communities throughout Colombia to promote local talent and art/folklore


In her short career as a fashion designer, Daniella has been fortunate to present her proposals in the most important fashion events both internationally and nationally.

— Internationally, in 2020 she participated in the Mexico Fashion Show and in 2019, for the consecutive year in one of the most important Latin American fashion weeks, the Miami Fashion Week. That same year, she was the guest of honor at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in San Juan, Costa Rica, took part in the Latin People fair in Madrid, Spain and was selected as a finalist in the "Pitch to LAFS" of the Latin American Fashion Summit.

— In the previous year she was also part of the Aruba Fashion Week, and in 2017 of the Miami Swim Week and Altamoda in Panama as guest of honor. One of the years that marked her trajectory was 2016, since she was part of the New York Fashion Week (Fashion Gallery NYFW). In that same year she was the guest of honor designer and speaker of the Designer Book in Guayaquil.

— In her native Colombia, she has participated in major fashion platforms such as Plataforma K, Barranquilla Fashion Week, Bogota Fashion Week and Colombiamoda among others. The above, has led her to be nominated for the Cromos de la Moda Awards (Revelation Designer 2015, Best Accessories & Complements 2015 and 2016, Best Designer 2016, and Best Staging 2016), as well as to be creditor of the award granted by Barranquilla Fashion Week as Revelation Designer with which she was winner of the Colombia Trade Expo catwalk in Miami in 2014.

— At the national level, in 2020, she held two important events to highlight during the quarantine:

• The online launch of the collaboration with Arkitect of Grupo Exito, the largest supermarket and mass fashion chain in Colombia

• Her first virtual catwalk.

— In the current year she presented her second virtual catwalk with a special presentation of the musical group Flor de Jamaica.


We recognize how far we have to go as we progress towards sustainability. Still, we are committed to creating a better future for our planet and our community by engaging in sustainable practices and working towards becoming more transparent and ethical every day.

Most of our pieces, are fabricated with recycled polyester made from single-use plastic bottles that are respun into reusable materials. And to avoid water waste, we use state-of-the-art digital printing methods to produce all of our unique designs.